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What is your Coolest piece of Niner Memorabilia?

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I saw the thread by Nugget about the Great Gold Rush Auction, and it gave me this idea. 

Mine is a Pink Soccer jersey that I got last year after the breast cancer awareness game.  It was made much cooler when we made it to the college cup. 

That would definitely be my framed basketball jersey signed by Bobby Lutz and Leemire Goldwire.  A few on here have seen it.  It's pretty impressive. 

I also have every Niners bobble head. 

I will post a pic of the jersey when I get back to NB. 

My coolest is the Final Four plaque.  It's not unique, but it's something I was after for quite a while and my in-laws gave it to me for Christmas one year shortly after my wife and I were married. 
I guess my most unique item is a signed basketball of the 2001-2002 basketball team that I have in a case I custom ordered to display it in.  A friend-of-a-friend won it as a prize from a radio station, and I wound up with it.  Still hangs on the wall in my living room.   :)

Final Four plaque, 2 of every bobblehead except for Katie Meyer.....yes, even Gay Aiken. Lots of old school Niner hats and trinkets.

Mine has got to be a signed ticket by my favorite player, Alexander Kuehl, from his last Niner home game. I've got it framed on my wall. The ticket itself is pretty faded and I hate I never put it behind better glass. I remember seeing him at the gas station on the corner of 49 and what is now John Kirk and introduced myself. I was maybe 7 or 8 years old at the time and he bent down to get eye level with me and gave me a long talk. His accent was thick but he told me to stay in school and not do drugs. It was awesome.


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