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Reply #75 on: September 12, 2017, 07:45:11 pm
We are irrelevant. Deal with it.

No, we are not. Deal with that.......In any case, thats not the issue here. The guy is a professional sports writer who acts as though he has never heard of a school that has been D1 for over 40 years and has been "relevant" on a national stage at different points during those 40 years. That is pathetic. If you think that is "normal" or not just plain dumb, then maybe that says something about your sports knowledge.

If you are a sports writer, who does this for a living, knowing what FBS football team is in what conference, who is in what division in baseball, who is in what conference in the NFL is basic knowledge.  Pretending to not know that stuff is sanctimonious and pandering to your feebleminded audience.
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