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49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Bring back Bobby Lutz!!!
« Last post by Nugget on Today at 08:44:25 pm »
I was a lot more open to bringing back Bobby before I saw the AD resumes.  Now I am certain that this is being taken seriously, and I feel that these two guys have the background required to find a coach that can win.  Bobby looks good compared to the coaches that have followed him, but I am comfortable casting a wider net.
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Bring back Bobby Lutz!!!
« Last post by Run49er on Today at 08:10:02 pm »
Guess Bobby was including the Watkins years among those 7 NCAA appearances. Five of 12 while he was head coach with none during his final 5 seasons.
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Serious list. Next 49er coach
« Last post by _BL_Niner on Today at 07:34:48 pm »
Canít wait until we get a new coach.

Right now my two favorites are:

John Brannen (NKU HC)

Andy Kennedy (if we hire Hill as AD I think this could happen)
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Bring back Bobby Lutz!!!
« Last post by elvis on Today at 07:09:50 pm »

Did anyone else listen to Bobby L on WFNZ on Friday?  Was a great interview, spoke about where the program was and is now.  He still has the fire and said so.  In a round about way he basically said, look we went to the tourney 7 out of 10 yrs (or something like that) were regularly on ESPN, not this espn 3 crap, the mother-ship or the deuce, and he thinks this university, facility and city can get the recruits to get it back there.   I would love to bring him back, was a good recruiter and knew how to attract guys that were better recruiters in great areas... ie DC and upper Maryland etc...


If we combine him and his wife's salary is that still garbage? Asking for a friend.
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Props to the AD
« Last post by hootie on Today at 06:25:01 pm »
Got an email that I can upgrade to complimentary lowers for final two games.
Same. I like being up top though.

Given how this season and team have gone I prefer being in Belmont.
Asheville nice this time of year too
somebody lock or delete this thread for God's sake
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: Mike Hill
« Last post by hootie on Today at 06:21:05 pm »

I SURE WOULD.....Ol' Roy is a freakin' idiot.........He literally has 5+ McD AAs on his team EVERY year.

This hasn't been true for about a decade.  This year they only have 2.
.    The decade part is Definitely false. Also, even now the point is the same. His teams are stocked full of "hs all Americans" of one sort or the other. He should be challenging for titles constantly.
If you haven't noticed he has 3 championships in the last 12 years which is as good or better than any other coach in the country.  Has been to the last two championship games with mostly 3 & 4 star players when a lot of the top programs like Duke & Kentucky are getting 3 or 4 5 star recruits every year. As a life long Tarheel fan & 49er Alum/Fan I do not understand why any of you think UNC has anything to do with the sad condition our football & basketball programs are in. I hope that the best candidate is hired for the job & the people making this decision are not using the middle school logic you are using when you make these statements.  Very few successful coaches & athletic directors are employed by the schools they attended so the idea that it creates some kind of conflict of interest is ridiculous.  I don't know if Hill is the right man for the job but ruling him out because he graduated from UNC is stupid if you truly care about the future of 49er athletics.
 Troll is a "lifelong Tarheel fan". Love hearing that idiotic phrase. Tells me the person is stuck in old habits and can't see the rot thats right in front of them. I always like to reply that "well, I used to s*** my pants when I was a baby, too, but I learned better".
Whichever of you regular posters who assumed a new identity to troll us with this post, go straight to Hell.

2 Five stars and 6 or 7 4 stars that stick around for 3 or 4 years is pretty damn good.  I don't think Roy is an idiot but don't act like he doesn't have talent to compete and "coaches up lesser players".  That's asinine.

But, to your point that it's silly that we shouldn't hire a guy just because he's from UNCCh is spot on.  If he's the right guy to turn this dumpster fire of an Athletic Dept then sign him tomorrow.
Collegiate Sports / Re: College basketball scandal
« Last post by Run49er on Today at 06:02:00 pm »
Mike Decourcy and Gary Parrish with their respective thoughts about the current state of college hoops. NCAA HAS TO KNOW WHAT THE GAME'S PROBLEMS ARE IF IT WANTS TO TRY FIXING THEM College basketball is broken and here's the only way the NCAA can fix the sport
We pay Hibbs garbage.  Until we are willing to up our investment in baseball he is likely the best we will get.  I am not defending Hibbs or calling for his dismissal - just the facts here.
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