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Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Game Worn Gear
« Last post by ghostofclt on Today at 08:15:54 pm »
clt will provide tats for game worn jerseys.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: 2017 Preseason Football Thread
« Last post by CivilNiner on Today at 07:29:45 pm »
I hate to call for anyone's job, but I can't see Mullen here next year. It may be more of a debate of if he makes it through this season.

I go back and forth on Lambert. I think this year has to be make or break for Mullen and/or Lambert.  I think we have really been hurt by the turnover at our recruiting coordinator position (albiet, not to anyones fault).

With all that said, I'm cautiously optimistic heading into the season.
This is our first year we are going into the season with a solid, known commodity at the QB position with Klugh and Barden. Love Matt Johnson, but he was never consistant enough and KO was an unknown at this time last year.  I like the majority of our offense. Skill positions are the best all around/depth in our program's history despite losing KP and Duke. I think our OL can be solid.

I do worry about our defense. Im not sure we have a solid unit between LBs, DL, or DBs. I could see two of these units stepping up, and would be surprised to see our DL be one of those. I hope to be wrong about all of these points though. I really like some of our individual players on D.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Austin Duke signed by Panthers
« Last post by MikeNiner11 on Today at 07:25:38 pm »

Austin in Baltimore training with Cam and the receivers.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Future Football Schedules
« Last post by ghostofclt on Today at 05:28:53 pm »
A little blurb from Fedora about the Holes playing games at ODU, Charlotte, etc.

I asked Fedora what benefit Carolina derived from playing at ODU, Appy and Charlotte, and he said the bottom line is money: “What’s in it for Carolina is another game for us, and games are hard to come by these days.”

“I would prefer not to go to those places. But that’s the current landscape of college football. Unless you’re willing to pay well over $1 million for a home game, you’re going to have to do some home-and-homes” with mid-majors.

clt asks why is a hat talking about gamecock football?
Collegiate Sports / Re: clt says look at this map and then discuss
« Last post by ghostofclt on Today at 05:25:38 pm »
I like the idea of the map, but as a person who makes maps for a living I have a questions to ask to the cartographer.  Did they use the centroid of the county or did they just use proximity to the closest edge? This could create 2 different maps and its bothering me. In case you all were worried like I was.

Thank God you said that.  I thought I was the only one that was bothered.   :))

It's the curse of studying geography/GIS.  My girlfriend refuses to get the free map when we go to a place like the zoo or Carowinds because I judge them  :D

clt used a map today and thanks you for your work.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: 2017 Preseason Football Thread
« Last post by 49er1 on Today at 04:58:29 pm »
Sad seeing us projected last in the East in our 5th year, though not really surprising, logically. How many years does this staff get? Will there be progress? We should have won 6 games last year and gone bowling. We're mired. I'm sad.
Other 49er Sports / Re: 2017 Baseball Thread
« Last post by Mr. Bojangles on Today at 04:50:15 pm »
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: 2017 Preseason Football Thread
« Last post by TRLeader on Today at 03:53:57 pm »

P returner - Nate Mullen

Do we not have anyone on the roster better? I know he is a coach's son and all. I'm having nightmares from last season (especially the ODU game) when a good return was simply not turning the ball over. Forget about many yards after the catch.

So long as our HC keeps instituting his "no fair catches" policy, the best we can hope for on punt returns in that A: the guy holds onto the ball, and B: he doesn't receive brain trauma in the process.

My conspiracy theory is that this is the reason Austin Duke stopped returning punts, he refused to go along with the No Fair Catch policy.

D.O.B.A. x 100000000000
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Game Worn Gear
« Last post by donkeyjaws on Today at 03:13:51 pm »
Thanks Nugget

Responded Cohen
Charlotte 49er Football / CUSA Media Day 2017
« Last post by chidave on Today at 02:15:57 pm »
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