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I have had season tickets for every season that Halton and JRS have been open.

Looking back I have to question whether or not it was worth it.

Ever since the CUSA breakup the basketball program has been in slow steady decline.

I was hopeful about football, but we see where things are going and how they have gone up to this point.

The simple truth is that the AD leadership has failed to make the correct hires and failed to act when necessary to correct those issues.

The simple truth is that our University leadership has failed to hold the AD leadership accountable for this.

I never expected to be a dominant team in either sport but I didnít expect us to basically become a laughing stock.

The fact is that Niner athletics is a black hole that I will no longer throw money down.

I just wish I had opened my eyes to the truth before I wasted my money on FSLs. What a joke!!!

It has gotten so bad that I cannot get anyone in my family to attend games with me, and I can barely give away tickets when I canít use them.

I will not give $ or purchase season tickets. I reserve the right to pick up individual game tickets, but the season tickets are done.

The older I get the more I see clearly that problems start at the top in any organization. The plain and evident truth in this situation is that our leadership is really, really bad at their jobs.

The other day I happened to be on campus during the day and for the first time I walked up onto campus and checked out the former location of the Belk tower. I didnít think it would bother me that it was gone, but it did.

This university leadership team that has allowed our current AD stay in place, which has led to the rot of our programs that you see today is the same leadership team that allowed the Belk tower to fall into disrepair.

During this time our university has largely grown, but I ask you this?  Is that because of our leadership or is IN SPITE of them? 

Are they really managing other aspects of the university better than athletics or have we grown due to the ďrising tide that lifts all boatsĒ of a southern boom city?

Obviously I will never have the insight to answer that question. Maybe someone will write that history one day.

The bottom line for me is that this AD has been allowed to stay in place despite horrible horrible job performance and Iím just not going to support that anymore. It stinks of the worst stereotype of the government employee that gets to hang on to their job no matter what. It makes me sick.

It pains me that our students are stuck with such high fees to support such mediocrity.

I would not blame any student who makes a stink about this. I really wouldnít.

So in closing, I am still a fan. I will still bleed green. But I will not be supporting this administration financially beyond single game tickets, not until things change.

49ers Basketball Forum / Re: CoC Postgame
« Last post by chidave on Today at 01:39:38 am »
We lost by 9 but the game wasnít that close. It didnít feel like we had a shot after the first TV timeout. Unfortunately at this point I donít  think Presbyterian is a gimme. Hope we can get the W Monday.

Rough sports day.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Southern Miss postgame
« Last post by chidave on Today at 01:28:18 am »
The Positive

- At least Lambert is making the decision easy

The Negative

- Judy Rose is still the AD so nothing is easy

I expected a loss and thought we might get beat bad, but giving up 60+ to a middle of the pack team in the conference is unacceptable. We are a dumpster fire.

Riley today 21-27 (330)  yards (2-1) scored 66 against a SMU team that is comparable to USM.

Charlotte 49er Football / Re: clt says letís CHeat
« Last post by cibik02 on Today at 01:19:25 am »
I'm fine with an NCAA championship that's taken away 5 years later.

I'm just afraid the current AD would deposit $10k into players bank accounts from cape fear community college.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: clt says letís CHeat
« Last post by 49erCC on November 18, 2017, 11:39:45 pm »
49erCC agrees
49ers Basketball Forum / Re: CoC Postgame
« Last post by lucky57 on November 18, 2017, 11:32:06 pm »
As my son said..."Haslem should only get minutes as an enforcer. Hudson Price should come off bench and get no more than 12-15 minutes....The Serbs have much to like....

Ajukwe should play for App. St. or be our 9th man.

Price disappoints me a lot as an ingame coach...Why do we NEVER PRESS UNLESS THE GAME IS VIRTUALLY OVER!.Try something different coach...maybe we'd get an easy basket or 2.

I'd like to know who scouted Haslem...or did they just look at his physique and assume he'd be good?

I have such hatred for our A.D. that it makes me physically ill...26 frigging years...disgusting.
C-USA News & Notes / Re: 2017 C-USA Football Power Ratings
« Last post by Ninerfan2012 on November 18, 2017, 11:07:02 pm »
With FAU's 52-24 win over FIU, the Owls win the East Division and will host West winner North Texas in the C-USA championship game on December 2nd. FAU beat the Mean Green 69-31 in their earlier meeting on October 21st in Boca Raton. FB: C-USA Championship Set: North Texas at FAU

As a BTW.

During our first year of FBS, North Texas finished last in the West with a record of 1-11 and FAU finished 3-9 right above us in the East.

North Texas lost to Portland State (FCS) by 61 points, FAU pulled a Charlotte in a bunch of games in 2015.

Two years later they're playing for a conference title and we're probably going to finish the season with worse team then we had in our first season of FBS.

C-USA News & Notes / Re: 2017 C-USA Football Power Ratings
« Last post by Run49er on November 18, 2017, 10:44:00 pm »
With FAU's 52-24 win over FIU, the Owls win the East Division and will host West winner North Texas in the C-USA championship game on December 2nd. FAU beat the Mean Green 69-31 in their earlier meeting on October 21st in Boca Raton. FB: C-USA Championship Set: North Texas at FAU
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: FSL's for Transfer
« Last post by Nugget on November 18, 2017, 10:42:19 pm »
Dear God do not sell tickets to an App fan.  I'd rather my seats go empty than allow a App person to sit in my seats.  What is wrong with some of you.
Well it isn't like a 49ers fan is going to buy them.

If Lambert is our coach next year and the entire Alabama staff has not been hired to support him then my expectations could not be lower.  To say that I have had no fun this year at football games would be an understatement.  I might as well pick up some cash to offset the cost of these tickets.
Charlotte 49er Football / Re: Southern Miss pregame
« Last post by NinerWupAss on November 18, 2017, 10:39:49 pm »
Anybody notice last weeks postgame presser?

For the first time that I can recall, Lambert was clearly mad and seemed to get irritated with some of the mediaís questions . I think heís finally starting to feel some heat.

Unfortunately he will still be our coach next year, but hopefully there will be an overhaul on the offensive coaching staff. WE NEED A NEW OFFENSIVE SCHEME BAD!

Why do you say he will be coach next year?

Because Judy would never buyout the last 2 years of his contract. That $1.2 million could go a long way toward our womenís golf team...

Bingo!  Have heard it from several connected folks that we do not have enough people giving to buy him out.  Don't shoot the messenger.  While I still give, I see that fund raising issue as 90 percent the AD's fault.  10 percent our disengaged alumni base.

I would expect that if she wants to let him go she has to go to some big donors to buy him out.  We don't have enough people giving to have coffers built up, but a few donors could easily cover the buy if she asked and they agreed. 

Now we can discuss if that is something that she would actually do. 

I expect him back next year with some staff changes honestly.
no coach worth their salary will join our staff.  Lambert has 2 years left on his contract with a virtual guarantee he isn't retained.
Yeah but happens all the time as a last ditch effort for a HC to change before getting canned.  There is always that guy willkng to take the job to get experience and job on resume. Maybe - probably - it doesn't work out, but they picked up the experience.   
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