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If it works now like it worked in the past, the search committee will come up with the criteria for the new AD.  the chancellor will approve the list and it will be given to the search firm.  and so it goes.   the criteria the search committee comes up with is critical.   second in importance only to their final recommendation which will be driven, of course, by the criteria.

If we could upvote posts I'd STEM this one to the top of NNN. Forming the criteria list is our next #FJR. We must be unified in our voice. I strongly suggest we agree on a list of criteria, and then politely group spam it to all of the committee members. We really need a thread where we do this quickly, as the search firm will likely have a quick turnaround.


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How bout this guy from the U:

Miami has struggled with fan interest in a large city (sound familiar?) until recently . Layton seems to have been a big part in regaining the fan interest. Also has G5 experience at Colorado State and NFL experience with the Buccaneers.
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UNT also launched a fundraising campaign for a new $18 million indoor practice facility that will include a football field. The school set a record for single-year donations at $8.9 million, which was 90 percent higher than the previous record.


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How about David Blackburn for AD?  Former UTC AD had pretty good run in his time there and was a leading candidate to take over at Tennessee (his alma mater) but lost out at the 11th hour.  It is thought that his public efforts to get the UT AD job led to his recent resignation at UTC.  While at UTC he hired quite a few coaches, including football and several men's basketball (including Will Wade).  It looks like he probably made about $180,000 per year.  Sure, he will leave us if he every gets a chance to go to UT, but in the mean time he needs to do a great job so he can do just that.

Random thought:  What are the chances a school would make two hires where both people were successful, then were front runners for jobs at UT only to lose out at the 11th hour, and their rebuffs led to them leaving/losing their jobs at their current school?  That would just be weird.


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Blackburn is very highly regarded in Knoxville and will more than likely be the heir apparent to Fulmer. I would imagine Fulmer would at least be there 4-5 years though as he seems to be enjoying be back at the University. I think this would be a great hire for us.


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