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I appreciate the commitment attention to detail that some of y'all have, but I think we have a few other steps to take first before we get to the "burn all your other shades of green" step.

We have to just get people interested / wearing green to begin with.

I totally agree. Before the last few months, I had no idea we had a shaded of green problem. Dark green is dark green to me. It reminds me of a few years ago when I was consulting the Oklahoma State University Foundation. Iím sitting in their office and made a comment of how itís cool that so few large programs have orange, then named the few I could think of. They all stared at me with a grimace, then made it perfectly clear which shade of orange was their orange. I thought I was about to get escorted off campus. Iíve thought the pickiness over a shade of color was funny since then.


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