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Quote from: DownwithNBA;401619
Simpsons' quotes:

My dad's a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory. -Milhouse

Kirk: You’re letting me go?
Cracker Factory Executive: Kirk, crackers are a family food, happy families. Maybe single people eat crackers, we don’t know. Frankly, we don’t want to know. It’s a market we can do without.
Kirk: So, that’s it after 20 years? “So long. Good luck?”
Cracker Factory Executive: I don’t recall saying “good luck.”

Luanne: Okay, Kirk, I'll tell a story.  It's about a man whose father-
         in-law gave him a sweet job as manager of a cracker factory.
  Homer: Bo-ring.
 Luanne: A man whose complete lack of business sense and managerial
  Homer: Ooh, here we go!
 Luanne: ...sent the number one cracker factory in town into a tie for
         sixth with "TableTime" and "Allied Biscuit."

Do you know a town with 8 cracker factories?

YES!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!! :shades::shades::shades:
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Whatever, Club crackers are far superior.

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Whatever, Club crackers are far superior.


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That picture is so ghey on so many levels


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