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Reply #25 on: November 28, 2012, 06:23:35 pm
I love beer!

beer is good

Indeed.  I know it's nothing new, but I've recently gotten into Natty Green's.  Their Amber Ale is the deliciousness.

I had Highland Cold Mountain for the first time last night. I believe my exact words were, "ommmslurppppshhmmmm."

Used to go there all the time.  Get some micro-brew and blue cheese and bacon chips while you play some darts or foosball upstairs.  Ah, good times.

Never been to the Brewery but blue cheese and bacon chips sound delicious. Need to take a trip to Asheville soon.

You people and your beer.

And what if I had said Crown Royal?

The perfect whisky for Charlotte fans - its got a freaking crown on it!

Holy quote function, Batman!

We're just testing it.

For science.

For the greater good.

For Ninerdom.
Hail Charlotte 49ers and Hark Upon the Gale!


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