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Reply #25 on: May 13, 2013, 09:53:42 pm
that's not me saying that i think major is a great coach, just a big upgrade over bobby.

Until Major grows a mustache, no way you can make that statement.

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Reply #26 on: May 13, 2013, 09:54:46 pm
i'm not dodging it but you never back up anything you say you just defend your buddies because you don't like major. i'm sorry he disiplines players who act like jerks. i know how you don't like that. back up your statements about these claims you make. please. what is your proof? you just come in here and bring your bias because you  don't like major. i have followed this program for a while and i, as well as a lot of other fans, were tired of bobby ball. tired of the chuckers, the midget backcourts, tired of the lousy three point defense. am i sold on major? absolutely not but i definitely think he is a big upgrade over bobby.

I am very happy with the Ogbueze signing, as well as Sullivan and some of the other guys Major has brought in----but, that last sentence is a bit much. It could be proven true eventually,but right now is definitely not a given.

Until Major manages to get us to an NCAA tourny game he isn't ahead of Bobby or Melvin or Mullins.  Right now he is barely ahead of Wissel and Pratt - mostly based on his recruiting.  Coaches are judged by post season success of which Major has none.  Doesn't mean he can't, just means that I am not going to proclaim success until we actually show it on the court.


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