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on: February 20, 2017, 02:58:55 pm

In June, the Health and Wellness will begin being built on top of the parking lot next to the Student Union. Dubois said he plans to give the building a different name and that he is open to suggestions from students.

The science building, which was approved a year ago by the Connect NC Bond vote, is predicted to begin construction in August 2018. Dubois said that after these projects complete, most construction will consist of renovations only.

Student representatives will be going to Raleigh to advocate for UNC Charlotte’s budget increase in front of the General Assembly. The UNC System is requesting around $46 million. UNC Charlotte alone is requesting roughly a third of that request with $15 million.


With the Charlotte Law School predicted to close by 2019, Dubois was asked about UNC Charlotte considering a law school. Dubois said that they’re going to do some due diligence on the legal market but he thinks it would be a “heavy lift.”

Dubois mentioned that a medical school was a more likely long-term possibility and that he had discussed starting a 25 size class of medical students with UNC School of Medicine Dean Roper and UNC System President Margaret Spelling.


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I'm liking what I'm hearing on the medical school front.


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