Author Topic: The Plot to Disrupt the NCAA  (Read 1754 times)

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on: June 21, 2017, 11:21:37 am


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I am not in favor of the proposal, but it is interesting.  Discuss.

NBA is going to beat them to it.  Starting next year every team will have a D league team.  Once that happens the NBA will lift the 1 year deal and college is free to institute a 2 or 3 year requirement.  HS players have a choice, go play in college or make 30k in the D league.  Actually I assume to get the players association to sign onto this they will up that base salary. I a player chooses to attend college thats their decision - there is a pay path available.   
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clt says this is bad idea. Most athletes don't go pro and need to fall back on their education.


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A 401-K?  They don't tell you the catch is you have to be 21 to start, & most guys out of high school are 18.  Oh, & educational institutions can delay until 26, so no, you're not getting that 401-K.  If they lowered to 21 for athletes, they have to lower for other employees who've worked there at least a year and are that age.
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