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There's also an interview he had with 610 if I remember correctly where he said that as well. He was a HS teammate of Uriah Lemay (who was in the process of transferring)and his brother was on the team at the time. I 100% put this one on Lambert. While I don't have any inside information Butch Jones was not happy when he left (saw this several places as he was competing for the starting job at UT) and is well known for threatening and badmouthing players that wanted to transfer out.

Barden was a 3* recruit and Johnson seemed to be improving (remember this was 2015) and maybe we thought we had our QB? We took Olsen because the mistake was recognized in letting a once in a generation player slip through our grasp. Olsen had much more baggage than Riley as a transfer.

It could have changed everything, but here we are.

I thought once I was home people would try to start contacting me, and that wasn’t the case,” Ferguson said. “No one called. I tried to talk to UNC Charlotte to see if they wanted me, but I guess they were settled with the quarterbacks that they had.”

Understand, Ferguson had been offered by LSU and Michigan before picking Tennessee. Now he couldn’t get a scholarship at UNC Charlotte?

We’ve never had a serviceable QB.


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