Author Topic: How has your support changed for the 49ers?  (Read 3668 times)

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Reply #50 on: November 25, 2017, 09:27:21 pm
I still support the AD financially, although I'm sure that Phil would consider it a modest amount. (4 FSLs, 5 baseball season tickets, GSC membership) What has completely fallen off is my emotional investment. Like NWA, I'm too stubborn to let the current administration separate me from my school. What gets to me is seeing the amount of people that have fallen by the wayside. I'm talking about passionate 49ers through and through. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame them. Far from it. But the fact still remains that one of our all-time most dedicated fans was in Halton last night as the guest of the visiting team. Why? Because they treat him like he matters, pure and simple.

I saw NinerAl's post in another thread about his loss of fire for the Niners. Man, if there are people that have more passion for the 49ers than that guy, there aren't many. There aren't many that can say they've invested as much in the Niners as he has. We are doing our best to lose him and I have serious doubts as to whether those in charge care.

Please forgive my ignorance, but who are we talking about here?

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