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Reply #50 on: September 11, 2017, 10:01:30 pm

If you found positives, please let me know what they are.  For those who have always said, I'm thankful we just have a team, please let me know how many more games like this you can watch and keep saying that.

For me, this year was the start of expecting better.  I said it after the EMU game.  We are now playing with a full roster.  We are playing virtually no walkons, we have a staff that has been together now for almost 6 years.  We have been recruiting FBS kids for 4 years.   

I haven't gotten too worked up about the losses because honestly I never expected to win at football at least not at any high rate.  What I did expect is for us to look like we belong on a football field and that we look to compete against programs like EMU.  I don't mind losing to KSU.  I expected it.  What I also expected though was a well coach team of players busting their ass.  I am not really seeing that.  And for the first time in our history - we have no excuses to see that.

I understand giving time for a new program/coach, I really do.  However, we have been out executed from day 1 - not just out talented - so this should not be a surprise.  Hell, we've lost to a team at home with no scholarships before.  We've had undisciplined play, bad qb selection by the staff, questionable calls on the field, many personal fouls all from the start.  I don't mind giving people time, but the writing has been on the wall for a LONG time.

I don't dispute that but I wasn't willing to pin everything on the coaching staff at a early date.  With each passing year though we have seen the excuses get peeled away.  I couldn't fault QB play calls too much when Matt Johnson couldn't throw anything besides a bomb.  Yes some of the play calls were bad but we were playing kids that had no business stepping on a college football field so was it the calls or expecting kids to execute plays they physically couldn't.  I'll give you though the staff should know better.

In the end though, for me, year 5 is when I needed to see us take a program elevating step.  Not necessarily in wins, all though that would be nice, but it level of play.  That's not happening so far and clearly that's on Mullen Lambert and the rest at this point.  I think Lambert has done some great things from a foundation of the program point of view, but if he can't win on the field, it's time for us to move on. 

Also I think there is a reason why Judy doesn't like hiring coaches with HC experience.

If she gets rid of lambert and makes another gimmick hire of a big name with no head coaching experience or an assistant from a big school I'm going to lose it.

If they do replace the head coach in the future, please god let them make a reasonable normal hire of someone young from a smaller school that has had head coaching success and it ready to take the next step.

I would love to have a hot shot young coach who makes his bones at Charlotte and then goes to the big time. That would mean we had a couple good years at least right?

Just make a normal hire. Please.

Names from big traditional schools with no HC experience doesn't bother me too much if they hold AHC roles.  Wake Forest doesn't count lol I don't think Judy is interested in coaches at that level from schools with that pedigree though because they would make her life difficult.   Major was wayyyyy down the bench at OSU.   I was told, and this is the truth, when we called Matta about Major his response was - Really? They want to talk to Alan?. 

When push comes to shove we need our coaches to just be bigger assholes.  We keep hiring nice guys because Judy and Phil don't want to deal with guys that will challenge them.
.  Do you think that you just described Mark Price?
his personality seems pretty similar to Lambert and Major IMO. Nice guy, soft spoken, humble. Those things don't necessarily make for a bad coach, but they're low hanging fruit for a disgruntled fan base.

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Reply #51 on: September 11, 2017, 10:27:15 pm
So I guess we didn't play like our hair was on fire, then?


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clt thinks lambert would be an excellent ad.


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