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This is a pretty well written analysis of our team. I think he overemphasizes seasonal stats when the UL game skewed them. The offense wasn't a total dud late (especially the USM game).

But he was absolutely right on about needing to develop a passing game, and the fact that teams didn't bother pretending to run the ball against us since we had no pass rush and were missing so many DBs.

This year is going to be all about our OL and DL imo, and he discusses that some. The OL has some decent experience and talent returning, and we certainly signed some JUCOs to help fill in gaps - so there's hope there. The DL - I have no idea what to expect. What we know is that Larry kept teams from running the ball consistently and provided the only semblance of a pass rush we had aside from the few games where we blitzed. We have a decent # of big bodies to hopefully make a viable 2 deep DL with little to no dropoff in quality; however, I have no idea if we can come close to being able to stop the run like we did last year (#43 in country per this article), and if we cannot... The DBs are still young and we once again have no clearcut options as far as edge rushers. Not sure if the spring game is going to answer any of these questions, because we may have to look to one or two true freshmen to play (Adams and Wilson seem possible)  and they aren't here yet.


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