Please note that this information is correct at the time of writing, but may change. You can check the current status of any mutual health agreement for which you are allowed to check here on the Australian government website. Belgians need a valid Belgian passport, their Belgian health insurance card and their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with the initials BE to register with Medicare. You are entitled to the health insurance mentioned above until the expiry date indicated on your visa, your CEV card or your Belgian health insurance card, depending on the previous date. If you plan to live or work in one of the countries of mutual agreement, the information contained in the links below may not apply. Travellers from certain countries may be covered by a mutual health agreement with Australia if they have a tourist visa or work visa. The agreement on mutual health care means that they can claim benefits to cover the costs of immediate necessary medical care in the public health system. With mutual insurance, you are also exempt from paying the Medicare premium. Finns are covered by the reciprocal agreement for the duration of their stay in Australia until their visa expires. To see if you qualify for Medicare, visit If you are coming to Australia, you must register for Medicare. This can be done in a personal services service centre. Once you have registered, you are entitled to treatment under the Mutual Health Agreement. Medicare defines medically necessary treatment as any illness or injury that occurs during your stay and requires treatment before returning home.

† out-of-pocket costs can be incurred if you see a doctor who does not make a bulk bill. On the Australian government`s website, you will find specific restrictions or considerations that apply to international students and retirees. I want to go on holiday, but I need dialysis treatment three times a week. Since I am an Australian citizen, is it free for me there or do I have to pay and claim it at Medicare when I return? Dutch visitors are entitled to the health insurance mentioned above until the expiry of their visa, CEV card or Dutch health insurance, depending on the above. Ask the hospital or doctor if a refund is possible.